Sunday, 1 May 2011

History of Bucket Trucks

If you have ever seen someone working high in a bucket attached to a long pole that is attached to a truck, then you have seen a bucket truck in action. "Cherry pickers" or "aerial lifts" are what many people refer to them as. As for a definition, they are made to work at heights where ladders cannot safely reach. Bucket or boom trucks are very prominent in today's modern society because they are used to work on lots of different jobs.

Bucket trucks were designed as a tool to easily pick fruits in orchards (thus the nickname cherry picker). Technology grew rapidly and demand as well as adaptations for cherry pickers grew accordingly. Wiring for electricity and telephones exploded in the early to mid 1900's. During that time, cherry pickers were what revolutionized the business. They allowed workers to be more efficient and helped linemen get more accomplished in one day than they could have done in 20 days with out one.

Utility Trucks in Today's World

Modern cherry pickers are used for thousands of jobs and even recreation. Most of the jobs today are line-work (telecommunications, cable, electricity industries), forestry, painting, sign & light repair / installation, window washing, photography, and a lot more. The increase in demand has required utility trucks to adapt to each industry's needs. Now you're looking at forestry trucks that have cab guards, line trucks with insulated booms, etc. These trucks in particular allow companies and workers to be the safest and most efficient they possibly can.

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