Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Best Tips for Buying Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are the workhorses for many businesses across several industries. Without utility trucks, the telephone lines and electric lines you see all around wouldn't exist. Specifically, these aerial lift trucks are used to set up signs and lights as well as repair them. Bucket trucks are integral machines to different industries like power providers, painters, sign and light repair, tree trimming / forestry, and many more..

On your search for bucket trucks for sale, be extremely careful where you look. It's best to buy utility equipment from a dealer or directly from a fleet. Used utility equipment can drastically vary in quality, reliability, and safety. Don't jeopardize you or a worker's safety by buying a bucket truck in poor condition. Even used utility truck dealers can be suspicious regarding their practices.

Surprisingly, many utility truck dealers don't specialize int utility trucks and sell cars, atvs, boats, and whatever else they can. It's best to buy from someone reputable and is known to sell quality used lift trucks. One of the oldest and established cherry picker dealers out there is Southwest Equipment. Our recommendation is that you should read reviews of the business before you venture to it. Customer reviews can provide lot's of good insight on the business practices and customer service of that particular store. Keep in mind that reviews can be manipulated and you should remain relatively objective in your approach, if you see something in person that correlates to a review, that should send up a big red flag.

Regarding cherry pickers, a.k.a. bucket trucks, it is best to purchase name brand equipment. Utility truck builders like Altec, ETI, Versalift, Hi Ranger, Terex, Aerial Lift of Connecticut, and Lift All are some of the best ones to look into buying. Usually, they are good quality trucks and have parts fairly easy to find/buy. Overall, Altec is the most popular and the largest brand. Altec's equipment is high quality and the maintenance is typically cheaper. There are several Altec dealers across the globe. The bigger brands typically sell utility equipment that is easy to work on.

Keep in mind, it's never smart to have an inexperienced mechanic work on your bucket truck. A good utility truck mechanic will go a long way in providing longevity to your fleet of trucks. Before you buy a truck, whether you're purchasing from an individual or a dealer, get it inspected by an independent mechanic. Make sure the mechanic is trustworthy and doesn't have an angle or agenda to steer you toward or away from buying it.

These tips should set you on your way to making a solid, informed decision on buying bucket trucks either new or used. Finding a good deal may take time and will definitely require patience. Stay focused and remove any and all emotion from buying and you will get that great deal you desire. Good luck!

Sam is a popular blogger about utility trucks and is one of the most respected sources for info on bucket trucks. His blog, the Bucket Truck Blogger, is the most visited blog about utility trucks on the internet. He recommends buying the best quality reconditioned used bucket trucks for the best value/price ratio.


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